A new season begins


Work is now well underway on a number of new improvement projects. In mid April, Tom and Gerald were hard at it creating a brick retaining wall at our Sunflower Garden.

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Bev Badger orienting new volunteers

We are always looking for new volunteers – men and women - to assist in the ongoing maintenance and upkeep required to maintain our garden areas. Many of our gardening tasks require the involvement of men to carry out the heavier jobs. Please consider joining us in our efforts to maintain Calgary’s largest and most beautiful volunteer gardens. We are certain you will find the “work” enjoyable and rewarding.
During the summer, we meet for two hour sessions almost every day (except Sundays) depending on the weather. You can determine which day or days you would like to help out. We are also looking for someone who has an appreciation of roses to assist with spring pruning working alongside our rose specialist.

If you would like to volunteer or need more information, email us at