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KURT. As a full-time jetsetter, Kurt records his voyages via his photo masterpieces and unique styles; with an eye for the extraordinary, he is known for his unique ability to produce high fashion and vision, for commercial and lifestyle contexts.

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One of the most popular ways to earn money from home is through owning and operating your own blog. As a blogger, I can tell you one thing — you get out what you put in. Success doesn’t happen with writing a couple of good articles.

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Freebies are just a bonus of signing up with us and working with brands. What brands really want is to find experts in their field, so if you are confident you’re one of them, you have new opportunities to grow your audience and network with likeminded bloggers. Not to mention, you can make some cash!

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7 Guidelines for Food Bloggers on Freebies | Polysyllabic says: August 12, 2009 at 4:24 pm […] food writer Dianne Jacob has written an interesting post about the ethics of food bloggers receiving free product for review.

7 Guidelines for Food Bloggers on Freebies - Dianne Jacob

Lawyer and fitness blogger, Lucy (lucyfitness), thinks this may only be for payment in product situations or when bloggers sell the freebies for a personal profit, rather than simple press drops, however it will be interesting to see how this develops.

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Earlier today I read an amusing story regarding an “influencer” (whatever that means?!) being outed by a hotel. The blogger had asked for a free stay, and the hotel responded aggressively with a resounding no, making their highly inflammatory response public. I do get asked quite often how “freebies” go for someone in my position, […]

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bloggers freebies
Hi! So you should have received an email with the subject line ‘Access The Ultimate List of FREEBIES For Bloggers’. In that email when you scroll down there is a page link and underneath that a password.

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Ive been chatting to a few manufacturers and it came up in conversation of a new breed of hobby blogger. They send messages to manufacturers asking for freebies

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bloggers freebies
Still available! Request coupons by mail good for up to $7 off Tena pads or $14 off Tena Underwear for incontinence. These coupons will get you FREE products at Walmart and other stores.

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