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Working on the Chain Gang

Sept. 18, 2012: The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs just got a lot classier thanks to a dedicated and tireless volunteer - Rick Metzger.

During the first three weeks of September, Rick was out there pounding in posts and laying out chain along the entire length of the Wall Garden. This will match the chain he has already installed around the Old Post Garden and the jut outs.

By the time, he is finished, he will have installed, in total, about 2000 feet of chain hanging on over 200 metal posts.

Rick Metzger

Some of you may remember that before the chain, the gardens were separated from the path by a series of wooden two by two pegs and green rope. Needless to say, we have come a long way since then - thanks to Rick!

For those of you who have donated to the Gardens, you will be pleased to learn that your contributions have helped to finance this excellent project.

Did you know that Rick is also the craftsman who built the incredible arches located in the Sandstone/Shakespeare Gardens and by the Old Post and Rose Gardens? And he mostly works by himself!!

The post and rail fences in the jut out areas, Half Moon Garden and the Shakespeare Gardens were also created by Rick.

Rick will soon commence erecting an arbor entrance for the brick Labyrinth that is currently being completed.

Thank you volunteer Rick for all your efforts in helping to make the Gardens what they are today!

Rick working on the chain - without a gang.




"The greatest gift
of the garden
is the restoration
of the five senses."

- Hanna Rion

"This garden has a world of pleasures in it."
- Shakespeare