creating a freebie opt in on my wordpress blog


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Quick Question which you’ve probably already answered but I still need more clarification on offering my opt-in freebie. I would like to have subscribers give me their information first (name & email) for them to download the opt-in freebie.

How To Create Freebies, Printables, and Opt-ins To Grow

If you just want to start creating, get started with a free site and be on your way to publishing in less than five minutes. Start with Free Includes a subdomain, community support, dozens of free themes, basic design customization, and more.

How and Why to Create a Free Resource Library as Your Opt

Last year, when I started getting serious about growing and utilizing my email list, I decided to offer more “Content Upgrades” to my readers. If you’re unfamil

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creating a freebie opt in on my wordpress blog
Go ahead and go to “Pages” and “add new” on your WordPress dash, and from there, you’re going to click “Add Media” to upload your PDF freebie onto the page. Then, upload your separate graphic to link your PDF (just to make it look a little prettier!).

Set Up Your Opt-In Freebie with MailChimp: A Step-by-Step

Keep reading, because I have TWO absolutely FREE editable Canva templates for your opt-in freebie that you can edit and play around with as you wish! Why do You Need an Opt-in Freebie If you are a blogger, or you own an online business, you need an audience.

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creating a freebie opt in on my wordpress blog
I am currently putting the final touches on my blog and I am trying to figure out what to add as my opt in freebie and how. You have answered tons of questions I had and took all the confusion out of it in just one post. I can only imagine how the rest of your site’s content will be. I can not wait to dive into it.

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It’s finally on the blog side bar, fully integrated with GetResponse, my autoresponder, ready to gather the e-mails from all of the visitors that visit my blog, want to know the wisdom behind the 5C-words and become a valued member of the 5C-Community.

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Click to get answers to 7 burning opt-in freebie questions that every blogger has had at one point or the other and nail your next freebie. The free cheat sheet will help you create a freebie your audience will subscribe to and love.

5 Steps to Create an Opt-In Freebie Your Audience Loves

Creating a freebie for your blog is not just a fun add-on to include on your site, but a tactical move. The purpose of an opt-in freebie is to offer your readers something of value in exchange for their email address. By creating an amazing freebie offer, you can grow your …

Are you in the midst of creating your first opt-in freebie

In today’s tutorial, I’m showing you exactly how and why I created a library as my opt-in freebie, including tech videos so that you can set up your download gallery (don’t worry, it’s simple!). So, if you want to grow your email list, provide tremendous value to your audience, and become a #badassboss, then you’re in the right place m’friend.

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