Rundle College students return to Gardens for Volunteer Day

Friday, May 22, 2015:

There is an annual tradition at Rundle College that the Botanical Gardens Society really appreciates - Volunteer Day.

For the past four years, Rundle teachers and students make their way to our Gardens and Forest areas to spend the day volunteering - come rain or shine.


Click here to see what students working in the rain look like.




The weather cooperated this year as Rundle students took the day of classes off to travel around the city and participate in various community initiatives.

Groups of students volunteered  at The Drop In Center and Neighborlink sorting donations

Others visited seniors at Westbrook Seniors Home. Some worked at the largest urban farm in Canada at Grow Calgary.

And of course, Rundle students once again did their part in helping to beautify the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs and the BirthPlace Forest!

Photos taken by teacher -  Ms. Adams.



A sincere thank you to Rundle College students and teachers.