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Mother Nature sends Message of Love to Volunteers
andd Fall 2014 Photos

Courtesy of Brenda Forsey

Just a few short weeks after the surprise snow storm in September, our photographer Brenda Forsey noticed something odd but beautiful as she took some fall pictures of the various areas - a message of love from Mother Nature to all who enjoy walking the paths and Gardens in Silver Springs:

             Red leaves in the shape of a heart!

She was so moved by the sight that she put her feelings into words.

The gardens feel the love of all

by Brenda Forsey

The gardens feel the love of all
who walk thru them,
and the love of the volunteers
that tend to them
so heartfully.
Mother nature is thanking everyone….
by creating a beautiful heart in the forest.

I walked thru the gardens late September
as the trees were changing colors.
I noticed this grove of green trees standing so tall,
and in the center - a heart
created by mother nature herself
in lovely red hues.

I was entranced completely
by this beautiful heart
created by the red leaves that formed it.

The park is thanking everyone
who has tended so carefully its trees,
flowers, and
is sending out a thank you to all.


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