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 The Botanical Gardens are green in so many ways

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the plant material at the end of each season? Of course, the beds have to be cleaned up and the dead plant materials need to be dealt with.

Well, rest assured that we do not send these materials to the overloaded landfill site.

Volunteer Dave loosening the compost pile with a roto-tiller.

Did you know that we compost all of our plant materials and that we literally create a ton of compost every year?

We use everything from pulled weeds and pruned plants and bushes and raked autumn leaves to produce rich compost to spread in our many garden beds.

It takes more than a green thumb to maintain a garden. You gotta be green!






“Kindness in words
      creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking
      creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving
      creates love.”
- Lao Tzu