The Gardens – “more relaxing than a massage"

As the new year begins, we cannot help but look back and think about how far we have come since the Birthplace Forest and Botanical Gardens came to be an integral part of the Silver Springs Community in 2006.

One way of gauging our progress is by flipping through the pages of the Guest Book located at the labyrinth. There is some very interesting reading there. What is clear is that a wide variety of visitors come to visit the gardens for a number of reasons.

They have come to us from near, far and wide. Calgarians from all quadrants of the city and Canadians from sea to shining sea have enjoyed the Gardens. The Guest Book also has many notes of thanks written by visitors from such distant places as: China, Qatar, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Cayman Islands, and California.

The Guest Book entries make clear that people come to the Gardens for many different reasons. Some come for the beauty. Others for the peace. And others come for spiritual healing and support.

Here are just a few of the many comments left by visitors to the gardens.

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      I found my true self.
       Thanks Labyrinth.

·    Sunshine in my day.

·    This garden is the biggest blessing of my life.

·    Great quiet spot in our busy city.

·    Beautiful labyrinth; clears my mind.




·   This garden is one of the best things about living in Silver Springs. Thank you to all the volunteers who make it happen.

·   Your beautiful gardens were the incentive to get mum out after her hip surgery.

·   What an incredible feat of community spirit!





·    Lovely. Can’t wait to see how it grows.

·    Thank you for creating such a wonderful sacred place.

·    Thank you for this gift of grace and beauty.

·    So life affirming. Thanks.





  • A very grounding experience.
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful spot.
    It has helped me to get through a very sad time.
  • Prayers for healing.
  • Just moved here. This is awesome!
  • Helps make a sad time a bit happier.




·    More relaxing than a massage,
more beautiful than a rainbow.

·    I wish I lived here.

·    Born 2002 – my tree is here.




[I] remain amazed by what
dedicated community members
can accomplish!
   - Mayor Naheed Nenshi


Thank you for your ongoing support
of the Birthplace Forest and Botanical Gardens project
and we wish you all
the happiest of New Years.