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 Botanical Gardens featured in Calgary Herald

On Sept. 3, 2013, the Calgary Herald published on their website Laurel Caddel's article on the Gardens in their final gardening feature of the year. 


The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs are now in their full glory with annuals, perennials, vines, roses, fruit trees, flowering shrubs and so much more.  A visit to these gardens situated on several acres of land, within and beyond the Birth Place Forest, is a ‘must see’ this summer.

Here you will find wood chip walking pathways to guide you through the forest to the various gardens all of which are identified with hand painted signs.

There is something here for everyone to enjoy including two new picnic tables nestled in the tree groves as well as several dedicated benches placed throughout the area in which to stop, take a break, and truly ‘smell the roses’!

Our latest special feature is the recent completion of a Labyrinth that can boast to be the largest outdoor Labyrinth within the City of Calgary.  It is in a beautiful setting with surrounding gardens featuring tall grasses, arbours adorned with climbing vines, and a brick path entranceway leading into the Labyrinth itself.

Another unique area is the Shakespeare Garden which includes a separate herb garden, evergreens, shrubs, vines, planters, statuary and a large annual/perennial garden featuring signage with Shakespearean quotes paired to the appropriate plants.  

All of this has been achieved by a small group of dedicated volunteers who have worked together over the past seven years to create these beautiful gardens. 

This ‘jewel’ within our City has become the largest and most unique garden of its kind.

This project has greatly contributed not only towards our own community but to the City of Calgary and beyond.

Click on photos (courtesy of Brenda Forsey) below for larger view.


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