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Chartres Labyrinth Official Opening Ceremonies

Saturday. August 24, 2013: The sky was a brilliant blue as birds sang, flowers smiled, and a gentle breeze blew. It was a perfect day for the Labyrinth Official Opening Ceremonies and BGSS Open House.

Friends of the Gardens, volunteers, regular park visitors and people from all over the city came to help us celebrate the Opening and to personally thank the many dedicated volunteers for their hard work and commitment. 


The most moving message of the day was that with the completion of the labyrinth, there is now a special meeting place that provides visitors with a total well-rounded experience.

Walking the forest provides the body with the physical exercise we all need.

Enjoying the many great gardens allows the mind to absorb
the beauty of nature.

And now, with the Labyrinth,
 we have a place for people
to get in touch with their spiritual dimension.



Walking the labyrinth is very popular with the young ones.
No one is ever too young to practise meditative walking.

I did it!   Now what? The answer is simple.
Go back to the beginning and enjoy the labyrinth once again.

Even canines can benefit from a walk
on the amazing path. If a dog can do it, so can you.

Anyone who has ever walked through the gardens
 and forest paths will recognize Gardens trailblazer,
 Labyrinth creator and industrious hardscaper,
 Duncan Badger. He opened the official ceremonies.

 Birthplace Forest Pioneer, Dan Kane,
did a wonderful job as Master of Ceremonies.
Dan also thanked the many sponsors and donors
whose ongoing generosity made all this possible.

Laurel Caddel, is our tireless Gardens Co-ordinator
of Volunteers. Here she is describing
the many wonderful Gardens' features that she and her crew work
so hard on to maintain.


We are fortunate to have Karen Yuen involved
in this project. She is our Labyrinth Advisor and Facilitator.
On August, 31st Karen will take all those
who are interested on a labyrinth walk.

Perry Metheral, a spiritual leader and user of the Labyrinth,
shared some moving stories about the health
and well-being benefits of labyrinths.

Just a few of the many who helped us celebrate.
It is estimated that well over 150 people attended this event.
We lost track of how many dogs.

Thank you Alderman Dale Hodges for honouring us
with your presence.
Dale has been a long time supporter of the Gardens.

SSCA President Jeremy Gukert talking about the significance
and the impact of the Gardens to Calgary
and to our community.

The weather could not have been better
for the opening celebration!
Sunscreen anyone?

And then there was cake!
Did you know that during the cleanup following the celebration,
volunteers found ONLY one paper napkin
that had been discarded on the grass?
Thank you all for caring so much about the Gardens!

This was our first Open House for our Friends of the Gardens and frequent visitors.

We were so pleased with how it went that we are thinking of planning other similar activities.

We are considering the possibility of having live entertainment (big band etc.), artisan fairs and family-picnic-in-the-park days.

If you have any suggestions as to the kind of event you think would be of interest to park and gardens users and visitors, please send us an e-mail.




  Kindness in words
        creates confidence.
  Kindness in thinking
        creates profoundness.
  Kindness in giving
        creates love.
- Lao Tzu