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        Students wonder what happened to the sign

Tuesday, November 25, 2014:

The Birthplace Forest and Botanical Gardens were visited by a large group of Grade 1/2 students from W.O. Mitchell Elementary School.

Here is what teacher
Cynthia Engelbracht had to say about the purpose of their field trip:

We walked through the BGSS along the sound wall to the SS sign. Our classes have been investigating and wondering why the letters are all missing! This is our school's community and many students and staff live in SS too!

Students designed a plan for a new sign to make improvements to prevent future vandalism. 54 kids walked with about 8 adult volunteers.

Photo courtesy of C. Engelbracht
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Students in the Shakespeare Gardens
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We also looked at the Old Post garden to see a piece of history. We talked about the sound wall and the reason why some residents decided to make it a beautiful garden.

We also learned that volunteers put a lot of time and effort into the gardens for our pleasure to enjoy!