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 Fall clean-up completed just in time!


October 2013: Another gardening season has come and gone and what a great year it has been!  Check out the articles and the Archives listed at the bottom of our home page just to see how great a year it has been.

Clean-up of the gardens started in the middle of September because you never know when the snow will fly in Calgary. Volunteers were  extremely busy spreading mulch on the paths and cleaning up the garden beds.

What a difference a day makes. Friday Oct. 24th was gorgeous and Saturday was equally memorable. And as you all know, the snow came on Sunday! But the clean-up fortunately was mostly done.

Here are some photos of our volunteers during the wind-up weeks of this year's gardening season.

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Volunteers enjoying a well deserved sit-down after a hard day of gardening

Some enjoy eating and others need to sleep after working the gardens

Volunteers enjoying a lunch at Chianti's in Crowfoot



“Kindness in words
      creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking
      creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving
      creates love.”
- Lao Tzu