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The Beauty of Winter Gardens

Nov. 1, 2012: There's a special beauty in snow covered landscapes and the same is especially true in snow covered gardens.

Check out these winter photos and then if you long for summer, visit our 2012 garden gallery.


The beauty of Calgary's winters

The following was printed in the online edition of the
                           Calgary Herald:

Dec. 27, 2012: Brrr, is it ever cold out there! Despite the frigid temperatures we've been experiencing this week, Calgary is quite beautiful this time of year. Frosty trees, fog and the Bow and beautiful snowscapes are all benefits of living here in winter.So far, we've been getting some outstanding pictures - please keep them coming! Send us your shots, (via email at, via facebook, or tweet with hashtag #yycphotovote) and we'll display them here on our website.