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W. O Mitchell Grade 2 students learn about bugs in the Gardens

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  Here are some student comments
about their day in the Gardens:


I found a home of moisture bugs. - Jordan

The spider was so speedy we couldnąt catch it!
            - Nardeen

I caught 2 ants at once and saw lots of aphids.
            - Parker

The walk was awesome because we got to suck up bugs! - Reece




Thank you to the wonderful
and hard-working volunteers
at the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs. 
You are always a pleasure to chat with
about nature
and our community. 
We always feel welcome to visit.

- Cynthia Engelbracht -
Grade 2 Teacher & Learning Leader
W.O. Mitchell School


W.O. Mitchell Grade 1/2 students celebrate year-end in Gardens and BirthPlace Forest






    W.O. Mitchell students commune and learn with nature

On Monday, June 9, 2014, a large group of 52 Grade Two and Three students left their classrooms and communed with nature by touring the Botanical Gardens and Birthplace Forest trails.

These W.O. Mitchell elementary students were accompanied by 3 teachers and 10 parent volunteers.

According to lead teacher Cynthia Engelbracht, one purpose of this field trip was to "appreciate our community and volunteer efforts put into the gardens."

Other educational objectives:

- Physical Education 
- Hear the difference the sound wall makes (science topic)
- Observe nature and its changes (they plan to return June 23 to observe any changes in plants.)
- Learn the history of the sound wall and how it affected residents (Social Studies)
- Study insects, wildlife
- Photography – before and after comparison pictures will connect to writing

When asked about the experience, the students shared the following:   
  *   They loved the quotes, the benches, city view, freedom to run and explore, statues
  *   They thought it was pretty and well maintained
  *   They liked hearing the birds
  *   Those who live nearby felt a special connection
  *   Some couldn't believe this was so close to their home, but they had never been here before!


June 23rd, 2014 visit to Labyrinth


"The labyrinth was supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!" - Evan

"It was very well designed and very challenging to get through." - Carter

"I wished it was harder and more like a maze with bushes." - Teague

"The labyrinth, if you're walking super slow, takes almost an hour." - Jadden

Facilitator Karen Yuen sharing her expertise

"The labyrinth is cool because there are lots of bees we had to watch out for
and be silent." - Garrett

"The labyrinth was a truly mystical place." - Blaise

"The labyrinth is awesome." - Neala

"It was super sweet and it took long to go in the middle." -  Youssef

"The labyrinth is really beautiful and is easy to meditate in!" - Miranda

"I really liked the labyrinth because it was really calming because you walked very long which made it very calming because you focused on the labyrinth." - Phillip

"The labyrinth was awesome but it took too long to get back. There were a lot of honey bees." - Josef


Permission was granted to us
by the teachers to take these photos
and we were assured that students
had all signed forms allowing us
to post these pictures.