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 How to find the Gardens of Silver Springs

The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs are situated in the north east corner of Silver Springs. This 20 acre site is L shaped and creates a buffer zone between the area residences and both Crowchild Trail and Silver Springs Gate. Parking is available at several locations along the green space area. 

There are many ways to get to the gardens. Here are the most direct:

If you are in the northwest and driving on Crowchild Trail, exit at the Silver Springs Gate / Sarcee Trail turn off and then head south on Silver Springs Gate.

The BirthPlace Forest and gardens are in the green space on the west side of the road as you are driving into Silver Springs.

Turn right at the first set of traffic lights (Silver Springs Boulevard) and then take the first right again at the lights (Silver Springs Drive).


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One block down you reach the southern park boundary on your right. There is a parking lot by the Soccer field and another by the baseball diamond. From the parking lot, you can walk to the Oval Garden, which is our largest garden. It is across the field and behind the tennis courts.

To get to the Wall Garden and the Shakespeare Garden, instead of turning into the parking lot, follow Silver Springs Drive and take the fourth right turn onto Silver Springs Crescent.

Go up to the top of the hill (about two blocks) and turn into the laneway where you will find the top end of the Wall Garden and the Shakespeare Garden.

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If you follow the one kilometer wood chip pathway, you will be able to enjoy all the gardens and eventually end up at the Oval Garden at the lower end of the park.