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Wildlife shot in the Botanical Gardens.

Tuesday, August, 21, 2012:
Some people are not content in just shooting flowers. Some have to go further and shoot wildlife.

This is precisely what happened recently in the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs. Brenda Forsey, area resident and photography aficionada was seen snapping away at the flowers in the Wall Garden.

And then all that changed when she spotted some wildlife in the flora.

She aimed and shot. And here are the photos to prove it:

Shot taken by Brenda Forsey

Shot taken by Brenda Forsey

As you can see, the wildlife in question was minding its own business smelling the flowers. And then it noticed Brenda getting ready to shoot again. That is when it felt compelled to leave the scene as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it escaped without any further exposure.

Wildlife fleeing shot taken by Brenda Forsey

Brenda admitted afterwards that she used a Canon 50D to shoot the flora and wildlife and that she does it as often as she can - with no remorse.

There are increasing reports of  persons being seen shooting the flowers and the occasional wildlife. With the on-going development of the gardens, this trend is sure to continue.

 And we welcome it!