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  City Parks Department tours the Gardens

Wed., August 22, 2010: Today we toured a bus-load of about twenty employees from the City Parks Department who arrived early this morning for a walking tour through all of the gardens and BirthPlace Forest area.

This event was organized by the Horticultural Round Table Committee and was headed up by Maggie McIvor, Construction Coordinator with the City of Calgary Parks Department.

Later in the day, they were on their way to tour the Reader Rock Gardens, so we feel very flattered that they chose to visit our site and hope that this will become an annual event for them.

We welcome all groups and organizations to visit us and enjoy the beauty of our gardens during the summer months.

Photo by Brenda Forsey

  Wildlife shot in the Botanical Gardens!

Tuesday, August, 21, 2012: Some people are not content in just shooting flowers. Some have to go further and shoot wildlife.

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  Open Garden Tour for Horticultural Society of Calgary

August 12, 2012:
The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs recently hosted an Open Garden Tour for the Horticultural Society of Calgary. This event took place from noon till 4 p.m.
on Sunday, August 12th and was thoroughly enjoyed by many members of the Society coming from all parts of the City and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Brenda Forsey

Several volunteers from the Botanical Gardens were there to welcome and greet visitors as they strolled through the gardens and BirthPlace Forest area.

We received many compliments, queries and also general comments regarding our project. It also came as a surprise to many that we are entirely a volunteer group and consequently additional praise was relayed for all the work and achievements that have been accomplished.

No doubt some of the Society members who attended the Garden Tour on Sunday may have also visited the gardens two years ago when a similar event was held.

The many changes and additions since that time would be very noticeable, since we have added more gardens and also new features such as the Shakespeare Garden complete with theme quotations and adjoining herb garden.

All in all, it was a beautiful warm summer afternoon for us to be able to share the beauty of our gardens and forest area with all the visitors that attended. We hope to make this event an annual occasion in which to invite the Calgary Horticultural Society for an Open Garden Tour to view the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs in northwest Calgary.

August Silver Springs Spirit Article


August 2012: The picture on the front page of the Silver Springs Spirit (to the left) is our Rose and Old Post Garden which you can see is very close to the intersection of Crowchild Trail and Silver Springs Gate (formerly Sarcee Trail). To get to the top end of our garden you turn north off Silver Springs Boulevard on Silver Springs Drive and then right on Silver Springs Crescent to the top where you will see our shed beside the LDS Property.

The big news on our funding side is that Blue Grass Nursery and Garden Centre has agreed to become our partner on this project. This involves an in kind commitment from them of $5000 a year. Blue Grass has agreed to offer all Community Association members a 10% discount on garden materials and they will selectively offer other specials.

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"The greatest gift
of the garden
is the restoration
of the five senses."

- Hanna Rion

"This garden has a world of pleasures in it."
- Shakespeare