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Six short years ago, if you walked down the areas where the current Botanical Gardens are now flourishing, you could not help but see that for the most part, there was nothing but stretches of grassland overrun with weeds, rocks, dandelions and dirt. Not the greatest environment for flower gardens.

Who could have imagined that these basically abandoned tracts of land would one day be home to the spectacular Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs?

Well they are, thanks to the tireless efforts of a core group of 30 volunteers who spend three mornings a week from May to October doing what needs to be done to keep the gardens healthy and beautiful. Some exceptionally dedicated volunteers work far more than three mornings a week.

Duncan and Tom at work hardscaping

Volunteers Laurel, Nellie, Agnes and Bev taking a hard earned break

According to Volunteer Coordinator Laurel Caddel, “the whole project is 100 percent volunteer-based, and we believe it to be the largest community-based garden project of its kind in Calgary.

We plan to improve, expand and develop this project further with a ten year plan and the indispensible, ongoing support and dedication of our volunteers and the community at large.”

Volunteers are always needed and welcome - and you do not have to have a green thumb or special skills.

All that is required is the willingness to be part of a project dedicated to making our world a little greener and more beautiful.


Volunteers socializing after a "hard" day in the gardens

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